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In Search of Miss Ruthless
6/30 – 9/10, 2017
Amna Asghar, Doreen Chan 陳泳因, Viola Chen 陳宜晴, Dachal Choi 崔大察, COME INSIDE 來了, Jes Fan, Christopher K. Ho 何恩懷, Eisa Jocson, Linda C.H. Lai 黎肖嫻, Fiona Lee 李穎姍, Ma Qiusha 馬秋莎, Hương Ngô, Ngoc Nau, Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin 覃小詩, Renee So, Salote Tawale, Hiram To 杜子卿, Ka-Man Tse 謝嘉敏, Wong Kit Yi 黃潔宜, Kristina Wong 黃君儀, Xiyadie 西亞蝶, x/o (Eternal Dragonz), Yu Shuk Pui Bobby 余淑培
藝術空間 Para Site
開幕式 Opening Reception
6/30, 7 – 9:00 PM
新聞發布會 Press Conference
7/2, 6:30 – late, Spring Workshop
Dear Miss Ruthless,

We have been chasing the stories of diasporic pageant queens. There is something ruthless about their stories, something that recalls the sentimentality of Chinese culture. Allow us to paraphrase Rey Chow in writing that sentimentality is an attachment premised on adaptation and resilience. Romance that endures. We are building a community to welcome you. And really, a community is just a group of people who are capable of holding a pageant. The stage has been set.

Yours truly,
Hera Chan and David Xu Borgonjon, Curators


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Eric Hu 胡師堯
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